Tour De Beltline

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The Tour de BeltLine will feature three routes: a family ride (Approx. 5 miles), Guided Tour (Approx. 20 miles), and a ‘Le Grand Tour’ Ride (Approx. 40 miles.) The first 500 who register will get a spiffy Tour de BeltLine Cycling cap, provided by Primal Cycling Wear. The ride is tentatively scheduled to depart from Grant Park and will be capped at 1,000 people.

This is a fundraiser ride for the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, and 10% of proceeds go to the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership.

Click here to register.

Westside Trail Open House Walking Tour

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Westside Trail Open House Walking Tour

Westview Summer Solstice


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Westview Summer Solstice

Atlanta Public School Budgeting is a Mess

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Atlanta Public School’s have been making a lot of progress over the past year at some levels, but they still seem to be mired in bureaucracy and real changes seem to be only happening on a school by school basis.  The “who screams loudest gets what they want” mentally is in full force which is know way of doing business.  For instance Wesley International had to wait a whole year and many hours of negotiations just to get into Cook Elementary.  See following link for more information

There are positive school-based innovations happening in our Capitol View  neighborhood elementary school.  Perkerson Elementary is starting an innovative new 50-50 Spanish Immersion program in 2013.  Stanton Elementary, in the Jackson Cluster, is also starting the same type of program, but layers and layers of bureaucracy continue to hold our schools back from “putting children first”.  The thing to note about these programs is that they would not have happened if it were not for the leadership and community at the school level.  More information on this program and links to the application process can be found at

Parents are continuing to hold APS more accountable in other important areas, learning about their often broken and poorly managed processes, and asking the hard questions.  Examples of this are seen in a recent AJC article and blogpost on the Deconstruction Blog with regard to the approval of the 2013-14 budget.  More about this can be found at  Jarod Apartov also recently made a video that explains the APS budget to parents and community members in simple terms at

Fulton County Schools just finished their budget and seemed to be able to make much more progress than APS.  Of course, they are also moving to a full charter system of public schools.  More information about this can be found at

Because no progress is being made with budget process reform and there seems to be a ingrained culture of excuse making, many parents are pushing for more school-based budgeting that could focus more on putting the students first rather than continuing to feed money into a bureaucracy that does not have our childrens’ interests put first.  Start up organizations such as Atlanta Communities for Excellent Schools are trying to build consensus between communities and regional organizations such as CINS, EMC2, NAPPS, SEACS, SNAPPS to advocate with a stronger voice about some of the systemic problems that APS is refusing to address or may not have the skilled leadership to address.

As parents and community members of Capitol View and the surrounding neighborhoods (Adair Park, Capitol View Manor, and Sylvan Hills), we need to be knowledgeable about what is going on and make sure we are at the table and making our voice heard.  Get involved with education at our schools, in our neighborhood associations, and in these other regional and citywide organizations.


Movie “Solace” Filming In District 12

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Community Alert
Please read the details below:

Supersensory, LLC will be shooting a film called “Solace” on June 10th at the abandoned church located at 1332 Metropolitan Parkway & also at a private residence at 1432 Athens Avenue SW.

The scene will involve realistic police cars with emergency lights flashing, and special effects of rain only while we are at the private residence.

We are asking to permit several streets only for lane closures, which includes the following for the Metropolitan Parkway area only:

  • June 7, June 10 & June 11 from 7am-7pm (no weekend). We are asking for the Northside of Manford Road SW from Metropolitan Parkway SW to Mellview Avenue SW for working trucks.
For the Athens Avenue area, we are asking for the following lane closures:
  • June 7 & June 11 from 7am to 7pm, the West side of Athens Avenue between Genessee Avenue SW & Deckner Ave SW for working trucks.
  • June 10-June 11, from 8am to 2am-we are asking for the southside of Genessee Avenue SW between Belmont Avenue SW & Metropolitan Parkway for working trucks. We are also asking for the westside of Athens Avenue SW between Genessee Avenue & Deckner Avenue SW for working trucks also during this time frame.
We will have APD officers along with our security for traffic control & safety.

Please find attached the notification letter to residences. We have notified residents in the area, and they are very excited to see the film shooting in their neighborhood.

Thank you for your time and we are looking forward to filming in your district


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On May 31st the Vice unit concluded a two week investigation into the Metro Mart located at 1919 Metropolitan Parkway in Zone 3. Complaints were received that counterfeit merchandise was being sold there along with marijuana. A search warrant was obtained for the location, including 17 individual booths. Vice, License and Permits and APEX K-9 entered the location and secured all 17 booths. Inside the booths, over $2,453,737 worth of conterfeit merchandise, four pounds of suspected marijuana recovered by APEX K9 officers along with two handguns and $3,634 was seized. Eight suspects were arrested on felony arrest warrants and transported to Fulton County Jail. A sample of the counterfeit merchandise was turned into APD property along with the suspected marijuana, handguns and cash. All of the remaining counterfeit merchandise was inventoried and seized by a Security Group (their largest seizure as a company).  For more information read the AJC article at


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Did you know that it is illegal to operate dirt bikes and ATVs on city streets, in parks or along the Beltline?; Vehicles will be impounded and riders ticketed.
The Atlanta Police Department has assigned a team of officers to identify and crack down on the reckless operation of unlicensed motorcycles and scooters, as well as dirt bikes and ATVs.  The young adults and teens operating these vehicles pose a serious danger, not only to themselves, but to children, pedestrians, cyclists, law abiding drivers and pets.  The noise level disturbs the peace of our neighborhood and has been known to wake sleeping babies.  Police also state that it is illegal to drive any vehicle in city parks since this destroys grass and landscaping and is a hazard to park visitors.  There is an ongoing effort to educate young riders, but police stress that the vehicles will be impounded, and the rider ticketed. If the offender is a minor, the parents/guardians will be fined as well.  Residents are strongly encouraged to report this illegal activity by calling 911. Identify the street and provide a description of the vehicle and the rider, including clothing and helmet.

We DID GOOD and There’s More to Do!

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Thank you to all of the neighbors and businesses from CVM, CV and Sylvan Hills who participated in the DO GOOD Campaign. As part of this project the Capitol View Neighborhood Association gave $500 to sponsor one of the trash cans, which was proposed by a member and voted on at our April 2013 meeting.  With funds matched from Creative Loafing and Home Depot, we have raised over $6,200 for an anti-littering education campaign!  Please contact Jeanna or Adrianne if you would like to be involved in the project.  Special Thanks to Solomon of Metro Food Mart, the small shop on the corner of Metropolitan and Gennesee. He donated $100 to the neighborhood’s Do Good Project and he provided breakfast for the volunteers at a recent community clean-up. Solomon is willing to stock items that we want him to sell. Stop by to tell Solomon we appreciate his support of the community!


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The Creatives Project, an outreach program run by CVM neighbor Neda Abghari, have been working with the children of Perkerson Elementary to design and paint a mural for the main atrium of Perkerson Elementary.  Resident artists MAO and Brandon Sadler have been instrumental in the year long project.  The Perkerson Elementary community aims to create global learners by setting and maintaining high standards for academic performance and citizenship. They achieve this through arts integration, world languages, and technology for all students.  A big thank you to all the community members that donated money to purchase paint for this activity and the Creatives Project and artists leading this project.

Two Great Places to Eat Near Capitol View

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Slideways is a creation by brother and sister team, David and Jennifer Thomas. These siblings are merely foodies with culinary backgrounds and creativity which are showcased in every slider. Creating recipes with tons of flavor is their passion. So they thought to themselves, why can’t the freshest ingredients, oozing with flavor and packed between gourmet buns be fast?  They are open Mon-Thur & Sat from 8AM -2:30PM and Friday 10:30AM – 8PM.  Read more about them and their menu on their website at

Monday – Friday 11am – 2pm daily.
Gourmet Sandwiches/ Salads: BSB Spicy Turkey $6.95; Smoked Turkey, Buttersweet special sauce, Char’s cranberry relish, Romaine and pepper jack cheese on Ciabatta roll, BSB Classic Caesar $7.50; Fresh Romaine, Parmesan Cheese, & Fresh Baked Croutons; BSB House Salad $7.50; Fresh Romaine, Grape Tomatoes, Cucumber Slices, Red Onion, & Shredded Carrots; Crab Bisque Bowl 12oz $6.50 Served on Fridays only Rich and creamy – loaded with crabmeat. Buttersweet Bakery is located at 625 North Central Ave, Hapeville , GA 30354 +1 (404) 767-9884.  Their website is