Economic Development Committee

This committee monitors and evaluates the private and public economic and physical development of the neighborhood, residential, commercial, and industrial, to advocate for land use development and community infrastructure in alignment with the purpose of the Association, and to make recommendations to the Association for appropriate action to carry out projects. The Committee meets on the second Wednesday of every month via Zoom.

For more information contact Patricia Causey at


Capitol View Cares

Capitol View Cares helps residents remain in their homes with dignity. CV Cares works with volunteers to help our neighbors maintain their homes or repair structures. Some projects require additional funds to hire equipment and skilled tradespeople, while other projects simply require volunteers to give their time and skills.

For more information contact David Banta at


Sidewalk Posse

The Sidewalk Posse was established after an incident at the intersection of Dill and Allene where a mom and her baby were hit by a car. The Posse is engaged in examining all sidewalks and crosswalks in the neighborhood and figuring out ways to improve safety on our streets.

For more information contact Zach Adriaenssens at


Communications Committee

The Communications Committee keeps residents informed about association activities, meetings, events, important news, and updates on issues affecting the neighborhood. The Committee provides channels for residents to share their concerns, ideas, and feedback with the association and each other.

For more information contact Catherine Aaron at


Beautification Committee

The Beautification Committee awards the Yard of the Month and Holiday Yard to those neighbors who exemplify the beauty of Capitol View through the design and upkeep of their yards.

For more information contact Harriette Bettis-Outland at


Public Arts Committee

The Public Arts Committee is looking at how art in the community will increase the quality of life for people who live in the neighborhood. The Committee is developing a theme and will be looking at how to include public art throughout Capitol View. The Committee meets on the third Wednesday of every month via Zoom.

For more information contact Jeffry Loy and Diana Mulhall at